How to Get Your Blog Into Google News

If there is one thing that most webmasters or bloggers work hard to increase everyday besides their websites income, it has to be traffic. They are many different methods that one can use to drive traffic, some are easier to implement than others and some will get you more traffic than others.

One way to get more traffic for your blog is to get it approved for the Google news service. What this service does is search the database of news sources and tries to bring you the most relevant news stories based on your search.

When it comes to choosing news sources the Google service is quite picky as to who it includes in its database. I do know of an example of one blog that was allowed in and then after a few weeks was removed when they decided that the blog did not meet their requirements.

If the quality of your blog is high and if it has a proven record, there is a very high possibility of your blog being included into Google news and stay there. Your website has to be something that is relevant to the main subject areas of the service. If you go to their main page and look on the left hand menu you will see these categories like Top Stories, World, Sports, Health and Most Popular.

In order to submit your blog go to the main page and scroll down to the bottom. There is a link that reads ‘About Google News’. When you click on that link on the next page you will get a page with a link to ‘Help For Publishers’. Under the ‘Getting Started’ section, select ‘Submitting Your Content’ then click on ‘Google News’ and simply follow the instructions.

Many people worldwide visit the news section of Google daily. If you manage to get your blog listed in there you could start to enjoy hordes of free traffic from this source. More so, if your blog has relevant content that is updated regularly.

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