Documents required to renew a driver’s license in detail

Renewing a driver’s license is one of the most important national issues that the state is working to provide to citizens, as the submission of these papers makes it possible to drive safely on the streets, and there are some papers required to renew a driver’s license that are imposed on citizens.

It is important for every car owner to familiarize himself with the most important conditions and papers required of him to renew the license, so that he does not go to the place of renewal and return without obtaining the new license, and then he does not know how to walk in the streets in a safe manner, as some committees ask to see the licenses and all that indicates Or denotes that a person has a good right to drive well on the street.

What are the documents required to renew a driver’s license?

Documents required to renew a driver’s license
There are a lot of papers required to renew a driver’s license, which it is necessary for the owner of the car to bring in order to be able to renew it, and this is what we will learn about through a different website , and these papers are as follows:

Bring the original ID or passport of the car owner.
The applicant must be at least 18 years old.
Obtaining the 256 Traffic Form, and filling it out, which is an application form for obtaining a renewed driving license, which is filled out and submitted to the concerned department.
Prepare all the papers that indicate the medical fitness of the driver’s license, and this is by obtaining two medical certificates, namely, the inner and the eyes, and this paper can be done in your traffic unit near your place of residence.
Provide about 4 photos of size 4 by 6.
A copy of the car owner’s academic qualification is also provided, with the need to see the original.
It is important for the applicant to pass the technical test that is applied based on traffic law regulations.

Preparing the violation certificate in case it has been renewed only.

What are the steps to renew a driver’s license?

There are some steps that the owner must know, to work on renewing the license, not only the papers required to renew the driver’s license are important to prepare, but some main steps must be taken to complete the renewal of the license, and these steps are as follows:

Work to obtain a certificate of violations, the fees of which are approximately 50 pounds.
Pay all fines and violations recorded on the driver’s license or car license before renewing, the renewal will not take place if there are violations on the car.
Do a medical examination in your traffic unit, and you will pay approximately 300 pounds, an examination will be made for ophthalmia, a blood type test, and an examination of the limbs to verify their safety.
Go on photography until it is placed in the photo box in the license.
Then you have to go to the window designated to collect all the documents required to renew your driver’s license, submit a medical examination there, and get the tax payment receipt number from the treasury.
Then go to the treasury and pay 630 pounds, and this amount of taxes is paid by visa.
Work to deliver the tax payment receipt to the window, and this receipt is where all papers are delivered until the file is then sent to the license printing unit.
Then in the last step, you will go to receive the license after paying about 1105 of the expenses, and this is for the owner who does not have any violations other than just photocopying.
How are driving license violations recognized?
You have to inquire about the violations that are on your vehicle, which you must pay before renewing, and this query is done by entering the Egyptian government portal website for electronic services to inquire about violations.

This is how to identify violations electronically by going to the official website, the Egyptian government portal for electronic services, and this method is done through the following:

First, enter the Egyptian government portal for electronic services by clicking …
Select the Traffic Prosecution Services, the driving license violations service.
Then write the license number in the space provided for it.
Then choose the province.
In the next step, choose the traffic license unit.
Then select I am not a robot.
Then click on Total Violations.
In the last step, you will know all the fines that you are required to pay.
Work to renew the driver’s license electronically
Documents required to renew a driver’s license
It is possible to work to renew the license electronically as an alternative to going to the Traffic Prosecution, and the license can be renewed electronically through the following conditions:

For electronic renewal, it is necessary that the vehicle be licensed by me or a motorcycle.
It must also have a 2030 CC engine.
It is necessary that the owner has paid all the fees and violations that were on the license.
If the car cannot be sold or is still under technical examination, it is not possible to obtain an electronic license for it.

The owner may choose a location to deliver the renewed license to.

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