Bad News Spreads Much Faster Than Good News – What Does This Mean to You?

There sure seems to be a lot of bad news and economic reporting in our newspapers, and TV cable stations which play 24/7 and it is immediately obvious that bad news spreads a lot faster than good news. Obviously, the news media knows this, and therefore they advertise negative news over good news by 5 to 1 margin, even if they claim to balance it out. Therefore, since the media owns the minds of the people, we should expect folks to be more depressed, uptight, and consumer confidence to continue to sag.

Worse, those illustrious politicians use negative campaign ads, and fear to get us to vote for them, and all the while they claim to have all the answers to make things right. The reality is that it has been the politicians who have messed it up in the past due to the law of unintended consequences by their policies to seek campaign contributions over what’s best for the American people. In a way, you could say that’s bad news as well, and we all know it’s true, and it is no secret because it’s been spread around quite a bit.

Have you ever considered what it means to you; the fact that bad news spreads faster than good news? It means that you will have more bad news, and the media will continue to spread more bad news, and skip over the good news as it appears. The deal is that the United States of America is not going to hell in a hand-basket unless you give up, or unless you lose confidence.

The good news that they are afraid to tell you is that you live in the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind, but that’s okay, because I just reminded you here and now – and the bad news is more and more people are afraid to admit that truth. Other than that, everything is going to be fine, and I wouldn’t worry about it. Please be thinking here.

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